Raspberry Shake for Indoor use only

Hi, I just bought a new Raspberry shake. However, I don’t want to use the shake for Earthquakes. My intended use is to just monitor the foot activity inside the room. Can you please tell me how I can visualise the data for this purpose and I need the timestamp information also.


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I think you’ll find the RS excellent for monitoring foot traffic. See this post:

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Hi TideMan,

Thank you for the information. But is your shake working as a standalone device or are you getting the data from an online server.

I really want to make it a standalone device.

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It’s a standalone device.
It records its data into files on a Raspberry Pi which I download every day to my Win 10 machine using WinSCP. It also sends the data to a server run by the RaspberryShake people. I can access either the files I’ve downloaded or the data on the server using the program SWARM.
There are various other ways to access and plot the data as well. I use Matlab (on a PC) and gnuplot (on an RPi), but others use Python.

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After successfully turning on the shake I have installed it on 2nd floor because we want to monitor the indoor foot activity in a specific room, but as long as I see there is a great amount of noisy data. Do I need to configure something or should I do some settings in the shake to avoid this noise.

Well, I can see the foot traffic quite clearly in that signal, but I’ve been staring at such signals for a couple of years now.
You will get a better picture if you use SWARM, which can be downloaded from the RS dashboard. With SWARM, you can reduce the scale so that the background noise is reduced and the stuff you’re interested in is more clear.


Thank you for the feedback.

Well, I would definitely use the SWARM but I just wanted to know if I have installed the equipment in a right way because what I have read from the manuals and other discussions on the forum it is always advisable to use the shake on the ground floor, whereas I am using it on the second floor. So just wanted a second opinion if it has induced some noise or not.