Raspberry log in problem

Hi Support,

I recently got a raspberry shake from others and we forgot the username and password. Is there any way I can find the username or password or can I create a new account for this? Thanks!

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Hello ranoriginals, and welcome to the community!

If you mean the username and password to access the Shake via SSH, the default ones are:

username: myshake
password: shakeme

However, if the password has been modified by the previous user, then you have two choices:

  1. You can change the password back by following the guide on this page: Ready, Set, Get Hacked! Security and Raspberry Shake; or
  2. You can re-burn the microSD card with a fresh Shake OS image, which will reset the password to the default one. A guide can be found here: microSD card topics

If, instead, you meant the email used to register the Shake, you can simply input a new one on the Settings page, and the Shake will be registered again under this email.

For anything else, I remain available.