R7BB9 Raspberry shake Connected to server, but no data showing

I have a raspberryshake connected to the campus LAN network, I have licensed the raspberryshake port to the campus administrator according to the port required on:

However, after I tried to access rs.local from another computer that has the same network as raspberryshake, there was no data in the live streaming menu but the status was connected to the server.
I encountered something different, if I used a mobile phone hotspot network for raspberryshake and a local computer with the same network could access live streaming data on the rs.local website.
Please help, are there any ports that have not been opened with firewall permission on my campus network so that I cannot access live streaming data? or is there another problem with my device:?
I have attached the log data from my raspberryshake device.

Yours faithfully.
RSH.R7BB9.2023-10-24T07-59-34.logs.tar (3.5 MB)

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Hello amsal, and welcome to our community!

I can see your Shake connected and streaming live data to our services, so we can be assured that those necessary ports have been indeed opened by your IT administrator: Station View: Raspberry Shake Network & EQ Activity Map

  1. Regarding the live streaming menu, do you mean the one on DataView? Data View: Raspberry Shake Data Visualization Tool
  2. Or, do you mean the helicorder images you can access via rs.local/heli?

If the answer to the first one is yes, then you could require the following ports to be opened too:

raspberryshake.org:443 (https)
many_different_subDomains.raspberryshake.org:443 (https)
https://stationview.raspberryshake.org/:8079 - For displaying the waveforms
https://stationview.raspberryshake.org/:18082 - For displaying seismic event data

If, instead, the answer to the second question is yes, then you can first try to access rs.local/ via the Shake IP address on the same network. If you don’t know it, I’m sure your IT department can provide this information. Otherwise, it could be that you require port 80 to be opened too.

Thank you also for the logs. From them, everything looks good in terms of server connection and data transmission, as we already saw. It’s good to have both sides for further confirmation.

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Thank you for your kind response and solution Stormchaser.
Correct for the first condition you stated above, I mean there is no data displayed on the live stream or 24 hour display in the data view menu. I will try to contact the IT administrator at my campus again, they should have opened this port because I included it in the firewall access request.


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No problem at all Amsal, here to help.

I hope your request will go through smoothly. If you require anything else, I remain available.