Questions about the Rapsberry Shake events list


I am using ObsPy to download streams from my Raspberry Shake. I am also thinking of getting events data from Raspberry Shake, but the get_events function in ObsPy is not applicable on the Raspberry Shake client. My first question is: Is there a way to get/download the list of events that is presented on the Raspberry Shake station view website? (Not necessarily using ObsPy, I can use other software/packages if there is a way to download a list of events).

In addition, I would like to know some details about the events list shown on the website: What are the methods used in Raspberry Shake for computing the magnitude and location shown on the website? Can those be remotely applied by any user? And what type of magnitude and distance are used (Mw, Md, R_rup, R_JB, epicentral distance)?

Thank you in advance!



Hello Houssam,

Apologies for my delayed response, but I wanted to answer you after we finished the implementation described below.

Regarding your query, we have enhanced our system to display the primary data source for every EQ displayed on our network on StationView. We are also working to do the same for the ShakeNet App, as we naturally want to provide as much information as possible to everyone on every platform.

This is a sample of how this appears on StationView, once you select an earthquake:

Thus, I would recommend referencing the magnitude calculations to the Agency listed as Source. We also are in the process of integrating direct links to streamline this attribution.

If you have further questions, I remain available.