Problems with seismic data storage in offline mode

hello everyone,

I have a raspberry shake 4d and in online mode it works perfectly, however when I want to use it in offline mode (in an area where there is no internet connection) I have problems to be able to visualize the seismic data in the SAWRM software. I have connected the ethernet port to my laptop and I have connected the shake through SSH as indicated in the guide that is on the raspberry page. but I can’t visualize the data in any way. Please I need help with that, and I would also like to know if there is any way to store seismic data recorded during offline mode.

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Hello Oc_Llacsa, and welcome to our community!

When your RS4D is recording data offline, is its GPS module connected to it? If not, SWARM sometimes is not able to see it due to timing differences. You can try (if you haven’t already) to bypass this using the instructions on this page Offline and stand-alone applications (like classroom demos) after this sentence: If you need the time to be close to the current time, take the follow steps:.

Have you tried to directly download the data files from your Shake and then open them via SWARM, instead of getting the software to read them from the unit? You can find a guide on how to download data here: How to download your data

Also, I’m sure you have already checked this, but please verify that you are using the latest SWARM version (3.2.0) and that your Java installation is updated to its latest version (