Overlap count

It seems that ever since I upgraded my RS to RPI4 I started getting this in SWARM. No idea if it is a problem and which end of the transaction is causing it. But it is continuous.

Overlapping tracebuf found in R363F$EHZ$AM$00. Overlap count=1
1618859663140000 + (837 - 1) * 10000 - 1618859671500000 = 0
count 1 : rate 100.0 : duration 10000

Overlapping tracebuf found in R363F$EHZ$AM$00. Overlap count=1
1618860284940000 + (414 - 1) * 10000 - 1618860289070000 = 0
count 1 : rate 100.0 : duration 10000

Possibly related to this - the way swarm is configured, I see two instances of every station. I have both FDSN and WWS configured in the data chooser window.


Hello kpjamro,

Thank you for posting your observations on the subject. We have confirmed that there are no overlaps reported on the server, so this is something related to SWARM, like you say.

You can try to verify it by removing one of the two sources and execute the tests again. Possibly, if the issue persists, to also write to SWARM creators at USGS, explain in detail what is happening to them and see if they already know this bug and if they can provide you with a solution, since it is their proprietary software. You can do it via the SWARM GitHub account, in the Issues tab high on the left: GitHub - usgs/swarm: a Java application designed to display and analyze seismic waveforms in real-time.

I decided to go visit the github today since I still have the “overlapping tracebuf” messages but found that the swarm github has been archived and is read-only.

I can say that removing one of the data sources has eliminated the double-entry problem. That’s logical I guess.

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