Offline - Can't Fix

My station shows offline and nothing I do changes that.

I’ve rebooted my modem & router, & rebooted the shake several times.

What am I missing?

Edit: Looking at the app, it appears ALL the stations near me are Offline…

Edit 2: I was mistaken (still new at this). My app shows 2034 Stations online (I have offline stations hidden), yet when I click on any of them, my app, where the data would be, shows: Offline.

RSH.RA200.2023-04-15T13 19 05.logs.tar (2.1 MB)

I don’t know what you are using to check the status, but your station is online:

The gap(s) starting around 12:25 seem to be server/network problems @ RasberryShake. I see the same.

Looks like a problem with your app rather than the shake itself.

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Yes, this morning I noticed it was back online; there had to be a some kind if server issue for awhile, as, like I said, “every” station I clicked on in my area said it was offline.



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Hello Robert,

Yes, we had an issue that was causing a data display delay on the following Raspberry Shake services: StationView, DataView, and the ShakeNet App.

After finding the cause of the problem, we have managed to fix it, and now all connected stations appear online and streaming live data as they should.

Thank you for your notification and the logs you have sent.