Notice on my station being down


Recently I received an email from you entitled Your Station is OFFLINE!. thanks for the notice. However myy new shake at this location is SD917 and is functioning fine. The shake I had first installed for testing (R3C17) was a loaner and I replaced it with this new shake I purchased after it arrived.

Mike Stickney of the Montana Tech (MBMG) Earthquake Studies lab here in Butte owns R3C17 and I am sure he will deploy it at some future date, at another location


Joe Donovan
Butte, MT USA


Hello Bikeman, and welcome to our community!

Thank you for the update regarding R3C17; we are in contact with Mike @ Montana Tech, so we’ll look forward to when this Shake will come back online in another location.

Also, thank you for purchasing your new Shake! It’s always great to see a new one come online and contribute more data to our network.

Have a great week!