No log activity

Please provide a record or let me know how I can monitor activity for today 8/10/2021. There was a ground vibration at 11:04 cst. I should have been able to capture the shake. But, my screen shows no activity.

Hello Mountains703,

From our new DataView portal you can see that between 23:40UTC yesterday and 19:40UTC today, something prevented the Shake data transmission to our servers:

The data is however still saved on the Shake itself (unless the data flow was stopped due to a power cut), and you can access it by using a software called SWARM, which is free and that you can download from here: USGS: Volcano Hazards Program or that you can download directly from the rs.local/ page.

We also have a dedicated page on our manual with a video that will explain how to configure the software to read RaspberryShake data: How to visualize the waveforms in real time — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake