No Ethernet Connection with Shake supplied cord

Greetings shake community. We recently acquired a Raspberry Shake RS3D. Working with my IT department to get the device connected to our network. When using the supplied ethernet cable (with the weatherproof connector), The Shake does not connect to the network. No lights at the ethernet port on the Shake. In order to trouble shoot, I opened the device, and unplugged the ethernet cable from the unit, and plugged in a Cat-5 cable direct from the wall port, to the Shake. The ethernet lights turn on, and I am able to access rs.local.
It seems to me that there is an error in the Cat-5 to Shake wall connector, or in the external cable. How would I trouble shoot this? What are my next steps?

Thank you

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Hello John, and welcome to our community!

Iā€™m sorry to hear about this issue with the internal LAN cable of the RS3D, and also for the troubleshooting that you have already done, confirming that the Shake works with a different LAN cable. Could I please ask you to send an email to sales [at] raspberryshake [dot] org, using the same address you made the purchase with, linking this forum topic so that we can organize to send a replacement internal cable to you?

Thank you for your availability.