No data generated / large gaps

New RS1D installed a few days ago (DIY version using own 3B+). At first it generated data with large gaps and many “No Data has been received from the MCU” in odf_SL_plugin.err and occasional “Under-voltage detected” in syslog. After changing power-supply and USB cable gaps almost disappeared and there was much less MCU errors (but they were never gone). Few reboots later, gaps increased again. Tried replacing 3B+ with 3B, same behavior. Each reboot is different. More MCU errors, less MCU errors. No board detected on /dev/ttyS0, board detected. From web-ui it looks ok, data producer and consumer are on, sharing is enabled but there is no data. Connection is via 150 MBit LAN cable. Logs attached.RSH.R93E9.2021-02-18T14 51 37.logs.tar (1.1 MB)


the data-producer program error file indicates that the data being read off the serial port is garbled, i.e., not valid data. this will cause all kinds of down-stream problems: instrument type not recognized at system boot, preventing system boot-up completion; internal data overflows, resulting in lost data; data gaps, etc. – as you have seen.

this serial port corruption condition can happen when the connections between the Shake board and the Pi are faulty in some way. first thing to do is verify the integrity of the board and Pi connections.

second thing to do is to burn a new image to a different SD card to make sure there is no corruption on the card itself, sometimes this can cause strange behaviors.

are you having problems with only one of your units?

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Shake board connections looks solid and blue led was always on. Re-seating didn’t helped.
Same behavior with new SD card and latest image from gitlab.

This is only unit, other station name was testing with 3B (with same results).

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@betelgeux Thank you for your recent purchase of the RS1D without Raspberry Pi Computer. Welcome to the Community!

This appears to be a problem with power. The Raspberry Pi requires 5.1 Volts (and no less) and 2.5 or more Amps. This means that most cell phone charges, for example, will not work as they only supply 2 Amps.

So I would recommend confirming that your power supply meets these minimum specs before proceeding.

Yours, branden

It is connected to 60W multi-port charger that provides stable 5.15V and up to 2.4A per port.
Nothing else is connected. During boot it peaks around 0.65A then hovers around 0.45A.

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Just to confirm - after installing original RPI 2.5A power supply it works without glitches. So although many tested chargers were good on paper (and even by measured voltage/amp), they didn’t work. Oscilloscope output would probably show why. :slight_smile:

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