New user - RBoom - No IP

Hi - Because living in rural area with WiFi provided by cellphone (no Internet router), I tried access to RBoom front end using ethernet connection with a netbook. No success. Later, after reading the online instructions and download “Fing”, I connect RBoom to a friend´s WiFi router. All five lights on, but no RBoom seen on Fing! I know, my mistake was to connect the RBoom for the first time with a netbook instead a WiFi router. What can I do to restore the device to its original state?
Thanks in advance for your support!

Hi @povi, can you clarify: are you connecting the Shake via WiFi or via Ethernet? The Shake requires you to connect via Ethernet cable to set up the first time.

Hi Ian, I´m living in rural area. I connected the RBoom for the
first time to my netbook using Ethernet. It was a big mistake, no
connection! Later, went to a friends home and connected the RBoom
to the Internet router using Ethernet, no success. The RBoom
wasn´t listed on Fing app. How can I get the IP address after the
spoiled start? …thank you!