New Station not showing in Station view or ShakeNet-App

Hi there,
I setup my RS4D today morning and all seems to be working. It is the newest station on ShakeNet, but it does not show up on StationView or ShakeNet IOS App (Station offline).
I’ve tried a few reboots and re-running the setup. Is there anything else I could try? Thanks!

Station AM.RFF4C

Raspberry Pi Model : 3 Model B
System Status : RUNNING
System Version : 0.18
Ethernet Local IPv4 :
Ethernet MAC : b8:27:eb:ec:ff:4c
Data Producer : ON
Data Consumer : ON
Stand-Alone : OFF
Data Forwarding : ON
Server Connection : Connected
Latitude : 47.0288
Longitude : 8.6344
Elevation : 468 m
System Time : 2021-01-12 11:55:12 UTC
Disk Usage : 46% Used – 4111Mb Available
CPU Temp : 58 C / 136 F
Uptime : 0 Days 2 Hours 10 Minutes

RSH.RFF4C.2021-01-12T11 32 16.logs.tar (140.5 KB)

Hello Roland, welcome to the community!

Thank you for the report and the logs. From them, everything appears fine, and the Shake seems to be performing nominally.

Sometimes it can take quite a while before the station is visualized on the map, or accessible via SWARM or other services, up to 24/48h. If the Shake will not appear after this time, we will see what we have to do.

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Hello again Roland,

here we go. Your station is now visible on the StationView portal here: RS StationView

Enjoy your new Shake!

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