New Shake not appearing

I have my Shake set to forward data and is shows on the Dashboard. However no data is showing on the “your favorite stream” view. It also does not show on the RS station view.RSH.R1D10.2019-06-26T02_34_00.logs.tar (245.5 KB)

Clarification. It only shoed as “Newest Station”. Since ther is a newer one today, it no longer shows on the dashboard


it is now online, please check again.

This is a bug on our server and we are working on it, soon it will be fixed.



Thanks. I see it. I have taken it of-line until this weekend when I move it to the permanent location.

I have another problem. This unit is being managed on behalf of our club and I made a typo when creating the username (the club founder). Can you change RusselPorter to RussellPorter for me or should I create a new account?

Michael Hayes

It’s recommended to delete your current account and re-create it with the desired username.

My apologies for the inconvenience.