New S1D does not appear in stations view

My brand new station also does not appear in station view. I tried sending a message on this last night, but I think I botched the message.

Anyway, here are the logs. I hope this is easy to fix!

RSH.R596F.2020-06-21T07_26_23.logs.tar (295.5 KB)

hi dan,

i see your station in station view just fine:

if you still don’t see it, try CTRL-F5 in the station view browser tab itself to make sure the cache is refreshed.


I am seeing our new device (installed 12 hours ago) in station view but not online at Shake Net: R5791. Is there an expected lag time?
Station view (showing)

it’s working! Thanks!

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I am now seeing the device on Shakenet, and on MyShake on my laptop, but on the MyShake app on my iPhone even after clearing the cache it reads “R5791 station offline - unknown station”. Suggestions?