New RS1D connecting to network problems


I am trying to connect my new RS1D. It is connected to my router by ethernet cable but when I type in rs.local or even the IP address from Fing, it does not load. What can I do to fix this?

Thank you

Hello VS1,

Can I please ask you to crosscheck the LED behavior when the Shake boots?

The correct sequence is listed here: Technical Specifications — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Since the Shake is not currently connecting correctly (from your description) to your network, this coudl give us some insight on where the problem may be.

Thank you.


All of the lights seem to be correct except for the Ethernet port light

There is no green light but there is an orange light which is not solid, it flashes.

Hello VS1,

Thank you for the LED feedback. In that case, the Shake is working as it should, but is not able to connect to a stable local network. I can advise you to shut it down, disconnect the cable, try a new cable and/or a different port on the modem/router, and then turn it on again.

This is to see if the problem was caused by one of the ports of the modem/router or from the LAN cable.

If it still doesn’t manage to connect, then the following step would be to try and see if the Shake can be seen on a local network from a different location. For example, you can try to connect it to a different home network with a different modem/router and see if this solves the problem. We have had instances, in the past, where some modem/routers did not allow our Shake to appear in local.

There are other procedures that we can then try, but for now please test these ones.

Thank you.

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Thank you,

Will try and let you know.

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My station is working fine and accessed on the internet via this URL:
But when click to see the heli graphs the port number is removed and the new link is that of course is not found.
If I typed the correct link: ii. of course works fine.

The problem is when I share the link not every body knows what to do.
It is a way the program keep the port on the URL?



The simple answer is no.

The longer answer:

If you right-click on the heli button and copy the URL, then paste it somewhere, you will see that it is:

Which looks right. But try pasting that into a browser, and you will see exactly what you describe.
The problem is that the correct URL should be:

‘heli’ is a directory. If there s no trailing slash to indicate this, you are asking the web server to return the directory ‘heli’. HTTP only works on files. The web server (usually) notes that there is a directory named ‘heli’ and sends an HTTP redirect telling the browser that what you really want is ‘heli/’. When you specifically request a directory like that, the web server “knows” that it is deliberate, and searches for an index.html file to return.

The problem here is that you are port mapping.
Your browser sends:

Which gets transformed to:

By the port mapping (the port :80 is probably implied rather than explicit).
So the server sees a request on port 80 to a directory, and redirects it to an explicit directory on port 80.

The fix would be for the link encoded in the button to be modified to add a trailing slash.
Or, you could modify your port mapping to use port 80 …

HOWEVER I think there are a few warnings in the manual and elsewhere that this device is not designed to be directly exposed on the internet. A large part of its security is the firewall on your network - you are bypassing that. I would suggest a better solution would be to set up your own web server somewhere, and use something like rsync to copy the helicorder files over to that on a regular basis. Keep the Internet and it’s hoards of hackers out of you R-Shake and your internal network.


Hello areyes, welcome back to our community.

The problem you are facing has been perfectly highlighted by Philip, whom I thank for his very informative answer. I reiterate that we recommend never exposing the Shake to the wider internet, for security purposes.

I will also add that there is another way to show live data from your Shake, and that can, at the same time, be shared with anyone you want, by using our new DataView portal. Here’s the link to your Shake: RS DataView BETA

As long as your Shake remains connected to our network, that helicorder view will be continuously updated, providing real-time insight on what the unit is recording.

Thank you both of you for your response. As this unit is in Colombia I will keep it like it is and share the right link when is need it.


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I managed to connect it a couple hours ago.

It shows online that it has been connected however I cannot see it on the ShakeNet app yet or on the web page. Will it take longer to show?

Hello VS1,

I can see the new R2551 unit online on our ShakeNet App, not yet on StationView. For this last one, it can take a bit more for a new station to appear.

Thank you for your patience.

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