My RS4D-RB537 not showing in shakenet or the app

I noticed last night and all day today my RS4D is showing offline in the android app and not showing any thing in shakenet. My RS1D is and they both on the same network and I can look in my browser and the both show up connected .

Her is the log file from my RS4D.RSH.RB537.2022-11-16T22 45 05.logs.tar (3.7 MB)

Now on the shakenet page my devices are not showing their location where they have been since I first set them up. Location is way off now. What is going on???
RB537 is not even showing on the map and it about 10 foot from RCFAD. They both show up in my browser when I type their ip showing they are both on and connected
Does anyone not even have a clue??

Hello reelfoot,

Firstly, thank you for the logs. Nothing out of place appears from them, so as of now, your Shake is in good working order.

However, since a couple of days ago, we are experiencing issues that prevent data from being correctly displayed on our Raspberry Shake services: StationView, DataView and the ShakeNet app.

Server issues continue to be present, however, these issues are causing a slight delay in servers data forwarding. That is, while some stations appear offline (white, black, or not present), their data is delayed.

We will provide updates as soon as there are new developments. I think this is the root cause of the issues you are experiencing, and as soon as the server-side situation is corrected, they should disappear. If not, we will do the best that we can to get you back online.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience.

Last week I had a power outage.It didn’t last very long.
When the power came back on my 2 shakes would not start up…

I tried several sd cards …
I finally got RB537 up and running.
I am using amplim 16 gig sd cards,

With RCFAD i had a bigger problem,it would not boot up.
Well I decided to change out the raspberry pi board and it is now working finally.

It is now R47D5.
I can not find out how to delete the RCFAD which is now R47D7 from my account.

Any help is appreciated.


where do you want it deleted from? server-side, we retain the data for all time using the original station name. if you would like to no longer “see” your station in the mobile app, go to Settings::Appearance::OFFLINE Stations and turn the HIDE option to ON.

hope this helps,