My raspberry shake doesn't produce data

Currently, I suffer from an issue. Sometimes, my raspberry shake’s Data producer work, and sometimes it doesn’t. I tried everything to understand the case. I rebooted the shake and burned a new sd card, yet the same issue. Please help me know how I can fix this problem and if the cause of this issue is me trying to configure my shake as an NTP client. And thank you

RSH.R8CA7.2022-08-30T21_34_36.logs.tar (565 KB)

hi ShaimaGued,

from the log files, it appears that for the most recent startup attempts, your unit is unable to start NTP, likely due to being unable to connect to an eligible NTP server. depending on your location, this can happen when the chosen NTP server is too far away from you.

please consult this page: NTP Server: Free Public Internet Time Servers | TimeTools
and decide how best your NTP client should be configured, i.e., which NTP servers to try to connect to.

edit the NTP configuration file on your unit accordingly, specifically, the lines beginning with server:

> sudo nano /etc/ntp.conf

and restart your unit. have a look in the log file /opt/log/postboot.log to confirm if this problem is resolved or not.

hope this helps, if you continue to have troubles, please post your log files again, along with the modified /etc/ntp.conf file and the country you are located in.


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