Multiple RS under the same email account

Hi all,
We bought up to 7 RS1D using a same email account. Now, we are distributing the stations among diff secondary schools in Barcelona. Each school created an account with its own email (also included at rs.local config). However, as all the devices are assigned to my email, the schools are not able to see their corresponding instrument once logged to Shakenet. Is there a way to temporalary assign to each center one of the instruments ?

Hi Jordi,

You can go to the http://rs.local/config page (or however you access each of the Shake’s web front ends) and change the registration email field under the SHARING tab. Then click “Save and Restart” at the bottom of the page. Once the change propagates through to our servers, the Shake data will appear on each of the school accounts.


Hi Ian,

Yes, but then should be possible that each school create its own log to Shakenet and visualize its data using a different email account? I would prefer do not distribute my email credentials everywhere…


Yes, as long as they register with the same email account that gets put in the Sharing config, they will be able to log in and visualize their station’s data on ShakeNet.

Hi Ian,

How long does it take to propagate the information given in http://rs.local/config tab to Shakenet database?

As you can see in the attached screenshots, yesterday we did with Jordi a test with one of the RS we have here in the Institute to try to reproduce what we want to do in the schools.

This RS-1D was bought some years ago using his email account. We logged to the RS using rs.local frontend and we typed a new email in SHARING tab. Then we opened a new account in Shakenet using this new email, but no RS appeared there after one day…

What are we doing wrong?

Best Regards

Mario Ruiz

we are looking into why your station is not appearing in shakenet (even though it is in station view).

we’ll get back to you, apologies for the inconvenience.


Today It has been reconfigured with a new email account, as it has been deployed in a school.



hi mario,

the problem is that this station was previously registered under a different email account where this re-registration is not properly propagating through the entire system.

this should be fixed fairly soon, i will let you know when it has happened.

apologies for the inconvenience,


All our RS1D, eight, were previously registered under a different email account to test them before deploying …

hi mario,

this has been fixed. when an email change occurs for a station, this will now propagate through all systems.



Great! Thank you very much!