Mounting my Raspberry Shake

Hey guys, ferbass here, I live in Japan, so I think its a good place to have a Raspberry Shake to collect some data for study, anyways I just got my Raspberry Shake and I’m ready to setup it but I still having few questions.

  1. I’m living a tall building 15 floors, my apartment is in the 12 floor, how do you guys think this can interfere in the generated data?
  2. I was planning to mount my Pi vertically in the wall, next to a foundation column, is that ok or should I place it in the floor?

Thank you in advanced, looking forward to setup my Pi and generate some data.

Hello ferbass, welcome to our community!

Any location great for our Shakes to be installed, and the more we have, the more our network provides useful data to be used and analysed by everyone.

Locating it in a tall building will possibly amplify the received signal, but you should be able to receive quake wavefoms nonetheless. Our recommendation is, as usual, to try and position the Shake on the lowest possible floor, but we know that this is not an option for many, especially if living in larger cities.

It is best for the Shake to be placed on the floor, next to a foundation would be perfect.

If you have any other questions, I’m here to answer them!

Thank you for your quick answer,

Got it, I’ll try to place in a more stable position as possible in my apartment, unfortunately I cannot place it down in the building.

Thank you

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You’re welcome, no problem at all!

Yes, if I was in my old home I would have had the same issue, not being able to set it on the lowest floor of the building, so compromises are necessary for some situations.

You can also experiment around your home and find that little corner of the house that is the most “silent” and thus the best spot to position your Shake.