Missing data

I noticed all my stations missing data for the same period of time for Sunday the 30th of April as seen in the image attached. Was this a network issue? Is there anyway I am able to see the data for this missing time period?

Thank you

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Hello VS1,

Yes, during that day, we experienced server-side issues that required a bit more time to be solved. As a result, there was a loss of data during the period you have highlighted, but all the data is present locally on your Shake(s).

To access it, you can connect directly to the Shake via software such as SWARM and be able to see all what was recorded during the server outage. If you need to download it, this page on our manual can be of help: How to download your data ā€” Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Currently, data is now flowing in real time on all our Apps: StationView, DataView, and the mobile one, as Iā€™m sure you have noticed.

Thank you both for the notification and your patience while we addressed this problem.