miniSEED files not recognised as .mseed?

Hi there, I recently succesfully setup my RS3D on Linux via local ethernet, and I’m really happy with it, as well as how RSUDP works. Now, I want to modify the miniSEED files that it outputs (“write” set to “true” in RSUDP’s settings) with ObsPy, but in the user/rsudp/data directory, for every channel only a file with “extension” .297 is written. For example, there’s a AM.Z0000.00.EHZ.D.2023.297 file (see screenshot below). ObsPy doesn’t recognise this as a mseed file, how do I fix this?
RSH.R1FFA.2023-10-13T01 24 05.logs.tar (1.0 MB)


Hello jvmeul, welcome to our community!

It’s great to hear that you are happy with your new Shake! I hope it will continue to bring you great and interesting results in the future!

Regarding your query, for ObsPy to be able to read those files that RSUDP (or the Shake itself outputs, the name format is the same), you will need to add (manually, or via automated process) the suffix .mseed to each file.

Once done, then you will be able to access them by using a standard stream read approach, for example:

st = read('path/to/mseedfiles/*.mseed', format='MSEED', starttime=start_time, endtime=end_time)

If you require anything else, or have other questions, I remain available.

Thanks, that information helps!


No problem at all; you’re welcome!