microSD reader faulty

I’ve been running my shake for a year or two now. Lately, someone turned the unit off (for electrical socket testing), and i think the microSD card was damaged.

I have followed the instructions on re-installing with a new card; including various threads on this forum.

However, at no stage do I see a green LED. Even after 20-30 minutes; just solid blue and solid red.

My working assumption is the microSD reader on the Pi maybe damaged.

What are my choices? I have a couple of Pi 3 Model B (v1.2) - could I swap the microSD reader off one of those onto the Shake Pi? Or better to return the unit to you?

Thanks for all help,

Hi Dave,

Can you send us a photo of your microSD card if possible?


No worries; fixed it!

I swapped the whole motherboard for a spare R Pi 3 Model B (v1.2) I had spare; now I’m back online AM.R72C7.