Manual Metadata Creation - which V? to choose for RS3D and RS4D

I am trying to identify which of the available metadata templates I should use for an RS4D and RS3D that I have in my pool. Both of these stations are set to off-line mode, and since their data is not public, I cannot download the metadata directly from the StationView webpage or the FDSNWS. The RS3D and RS4D I have are both 3 Model B+ sampling at 100 Hz, and from what I’ve seen, it seems to me that I’d likely want to use the highest versions for each (RS3D - V5+, RS4D - V6+) But I do not know what differentiates those versions and how can I tell which I have on my system.

How can I identify which of these versions applies to my current RS3D and RS4D so I download the correct one from the metadata page?

as an aside to the RS team, it would be helpful to give some explanation for what the V4, V5(+), V6(+)… are supposed to represent as I have read the page several times and cannot seem to find anything that would indicate which sensors apply to the available nominal response files.
Also, there is a link given in the metadata manual page to get auto-generated metadata from gempa GmbH’s SMP Repository, but the link doesn’t lead anywhere. Would recommend removing the link or fixing it if the page still exists somewhere else.

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Hello jpschmidt8,

It is possible to check the version of the Shake you have by reading the label close to the leveling bubble, or the annotation on the blue Shake board. I’ve highlighted them for you in this RS3D image:

Regarding the meaning of the various versions, here’s the link to the changelog page on our manual, that explaines all the updates from the original V1 onwards: Change log — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

I have put a link in the metadata page so it will be clearer for the readers. And I also removed the link to gempa’s repository, which as you correctly state, does not work anymore.

Thank you for your feedback, it’s always appreciated!

Thanks @Stormchaser for the helpful information. So just to clarify, we purchased our RS3D and 4D around Feb. 2022, so I could “safely” assume that they would require the V5+ and V6+ respectively, correct? I would check it visually, but the instrument is physically buried and it would be a large undertaking to verify. Is there any other way to check/verify this? I assume that if our station was pushing data to the FDNS, or StationViewer, that they have the capacity to generate the appropriate response information.

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You’re welcome jpschimdt.

That is correct. If the Shakes were connected and uploading data to StationView, your would be able to check their versions via our FDSN service, as it would be written in the available instrument response file. This is an example with a random Shake on the network:

If you have access to them, you can also find the version of the Shake from the logs. In the myshake.out file (both contained in /opt/log/ or in the .zip file you can download from rs.local/, there is this section at the start:


Firmware Version : RS4D-9-4.13

The Shake version is the number that immediately follows the Shake type. In this case, it would be a V9.

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