Lost connection to RS

I have a problem running our new RS1D. I tried to find similar problems in the forum, but I didn’t find something similar. We setted up our RS1D as described in the quick start guide and it worked for some time (less than 1 hour I think), but then it freezed and was not reachable any more, neither via swarm, the shake net, nor via rs.local. I tried to ping test, but there was no response. I attached the log files, can anybody give me a hint? Thank you in advance!
RSH.R5C27.2022-10-10T21_28_10.logs.tar (899 KB)

Hello Hlousek, welcome to our community.

Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue, and also for providing the logs from your Shake.

From them, there is a clear connectivity problem with the Shake, highlighted by these lines:

2022 283 21:17:46: Unable to resolve hostname 'raspberryshake.net', most likely no DNS server available
2022 283 21:17:46: No internet connection found
2022 283 21:18:00: Unable to resolve hostname 'raspberryshake.net', most likely no DNS server available

I would advice to please shut down both the Shake (even if, this time, you have to disconnect the power directly to do so since you cannot connect to it anymore) and then your modem/router, start the modem/router again, wait for it to regain internet connection, turn on the Shake, and see if this time it will connect. Also please check that all cables are firmly inserted in their sockets, as sometimes this can be the cause of missing internet connectivity.

If you still don’t have connectivity, try plugging in the LAN Ethernet cable to another socket in the modem/router that you have, or try also to change the cable with another one that you have at home. You can easily test if everything works with another device such as a laptop or home pc.

If, after all these tests, the Shake still doesn’t connect, please wait for ~30 minutes, download the logs and send them to me.

Thank you.