Looking for data from 1925 to 1940 in my region on 8/29/2022

I’m searching on shake seismographs in my area to see if the event recorded on my sensor was detected on any other nearby. There seems to be an odd gap in the data for all of them beginning at 1830 UTC until 1950. Is this something that may recover and be uploaded at some point? My station is RB969 in middle Tennessee. I’m just looking to see if other sensors nearby were able to see the event. It was blasting in my neighborhood and it pegged my sensor, as the ground moved. I’d like to see how far away it was sensed. Even occurred at 14:30 CDT (1930 UTC). I’d like to look over the 24 hour period if the data can be retrieved.

hi michaelTN1,

unfortunately, there was a network outage at that moment in time, server-side. while we do everything we can to minimize outages, both in frequency and in duration, it can happen from time to time that an outage is longer than is desirable (ultimately, no outages, ever, is the goal).

an update to the servers and the clients in the coming months will be addressing this directly, bringing gaps in the data as close to nil as possible.

apologies for this inconvenience,

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