Kernel problem

We are installing a shake in our museum to explain the operation of a seismograph.
We have a problem with our Raspberry Shake. After a period of good operation, the data acquisition is interrupted and the raspberry does not respond. To activate it again it is necessary to switch off and on.
I include an image of the screen.
Please help. Thank you

Hi @jjrueda,

Can you download and attach the Shake’s logs from the web front end using the orange image button? I want to see if the Shake software has any awareness of what’s going on. If so, it will tell us a lot more useful information than the console output.

Thanks in advance.

RSH.R5637.2019-05-27T14_13_21.logs.tar (1.6 MB)

The logs don’t say much about the issues you’re encountering, but they do say that you’re using what looks like a third-party SD card. Do you have a link to where you purchased this card?

We’ve had a lot of trouble with cheap SD cards that very quickly become corrupted (within a couple months in some cases, as yours may be). It looks like you started encountering these issues a few days ago and they’ve been occurring regularly since then. This is consistent with SD card corruption. You can read more about SD cards in our manual. The bottom line is that most cards are TLC-grade (also known as consumer-grade). We recommend MLC-grade or commercial-grade. The highest grade possible is SLC or industrial-grade, which can run you anywhere from $90 to several hundred dollars depending on size.

I know this isn’t a very satisfying answer but unfortunately you may have to buy a new card. There are some pretty cheap commercial-grade MLC cards out there that will last a lot longer than the consumer-grade ones. Below are two suggestions under $15 from amazon. You can also buy a pre-burned SD card for slightly more from our shop.

Apologies for the inconvenience. If you have further questions please let me know.