Is there a method to update previous metadata

I pre-configured the Shakes at my home but later moved them to three schools. Not knowing the initial locations or elevations I entered estimates. Now that three Shakes are installed (R195D, R9C8C, and R63E3) I have better estimates of position and elevation). At one point R195D appeared in China because of my omission of the - for the longitude. Is there any way to take the latest version of the metadata and remove other estimates but still have the starting effective time that of the first estimate of the metadata.

I would want the starting time to be
R195D 2021-06-07T21:06:54
R9C8C 2021-06-18T15:03:36
R63E3 2021-06-17T22:39:29

but the other metadata that from the last epoch defined where the lat, long, and elev are correct.

This may not be possible to do but I thought I would ask.

Still working on firewall configuration for R63E3 but it may appear today

Hello Tim,

It is possible to change the metadata as you asked, only it will have to be done manually.

Someone from our team will contact you directly about this matter and solve the issue.

Thank you, I will wait until I have the final 3 stations installed and then do a final metadata refresh for all 6 stations… glad to know it is possible