Irregular times on start of MSeed files

My files generated by my RS3d are with erratic start times, each axis start at different times, as shown on the image below:

as our company works with sac files, this is causing an issue while processing the data, we managed to correct it with a python script, but it would be nice to have all minissed files with correct starts and end times, follow the python Script to convert to sac and fix the start and end times:

Pablo B. Pizutti

hi pablo,

the existence of the inexact start times is an artifact of the program which writes the files themselves, since there is no internal coordination between how separate channels are written.

we will have a look to see how this can be mitigated, but cannot commit to providing such an enhancement.

in the meantime, you should integrate your conversion script into your data-processing pipeline to guarantee that the start times in your SAC files are coincident.