How to configure the sample data rate on Raspberryshake

I wrote a python program which uses function of obspy module to get the data from raspberryshake. I observed that the the program receives a burst which contains data samples of 4 seconds duration. Is there a way i can configure raspberryshake so that i can receive data more frequently?

for example,
trace AM.R8CA7.00.SHZ | 2019-09-20T20:46:04.675999Z - 2019-09-20T20:46:08.915999Z | 50.0 Hz, 213 samples

Hi @rrathi, welcome. Have you seen our UDP functionality? Data packets are sent every 1 second from 50Hz instruments, and every 0.25 second from 100Hz instruments.

Hi Ian,
I wrote a python program using ‘obspy’ module to retrieve the data from raspberry shake. I went through the documentation you mentioned yesterday but i was wondering if it would be a good idea if i use TCP instead of UDP, as i was facing a lot of packet loss before with my program.
I ran the '’ and i could see it data packets were being sent every 1 second. I also configured the ‘UDP-data-streams.conf’ file in order to send the data to my personal computer but i am not able to receive anything. I followed the exact steps mentioned in the documentation but i cannot figure out what is wrong.

Hi Ian,
It just clicked that i could configure shake to send data from web interface as well, so i am able to receive the data now.

Thank you