How can we get New Zealand Quakes to appear on Shakenet


Just a quick question… How can we get New Zealand earthquakes to appear on Shakenet. I notice that despite New Zealand being a very seismically active country nothing appears on Shakenet. Is this just a matter of more RaspberryShake equipment being installed in the country or do you need to “peer” with GeoNet? They provide an API for accessing their data in a variety of formats. They also say on their website ( “The GeoNet project makes all its data and images freely available.” And while Shakenet remains “not for profit” I don’t imagine there’d be a problem.

Cheers, Peter Wilson.

Did you get a reply Peter? Garry here in Taupo. this is all new to me and it looks like we ae on our own!

Hi Gary,

Only just posted it a short time ago… so we’ll wait and see wait they say. If you have an android phone try the App “EQInfo” That can integrate GeoNet with your station info and seems to apply filters to your stream too. BTW I’m AM.RFB24.00.EHZ in Wellington if you’re looking.

Cheers, Peter

Na Sori M8 just my laptop and a crap PH so no super comms stuff. Thank you for your “cal sign” I am AM.ROBBA haha ( I am a robber) not really tho. I need to learn about this system. I already have a TC1 and am happy with it. not so happy with RS 3D but need to learn how to drive it. Wellington aye. well keep shakn !!

There’s lots of us about.
I have two RS1D’s, one in ChCh (R00B9) and one on Banks Peninsula (RC144) + a Boom (R2DDD).
I haven’t found ShakeNet all that useful, but EqInfo is excellent and it displays all significant NZ EQs.

Cheers Derek in ChCh

Hi Peter, we’ve noticed the lack of quake solutions in NZ too and we’re looking into why that might be. Quake locations on ShakeNet and EqView are both done in-house, i.e. we don’t use solutions from any other agency to build our earthquake catalog, so it could simply be a lack of station density in our network.

I’ll let you know what we find.


Hi ShakeNet People,

The number of earthquakes displayed on ShakeNet web site for New Zealand is much better that it used to be but I notice that the beta Mobile App never seems to have nothing. I also note that todays M8.1 does not appear anywhere.


The M8.1 does appear now… my bad.

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