Ground motion not available / no data

Hello everyone,

This is my first time with the RS so I hope this is not a silly question!

I’m having a little trouble getting set up; last week all seemed well and the station (AM.RE69A) appeared. However the station was ‘black’ on the colour code ‘Ground motion not available’ and there was no trace on the inset view that I see for other stations. Do I need to set something else up (calibration or somesuch?).

This week, the station no longer appears at all. I just rebooted it, so perhaps it needs a few minutes to re-apear. Or could this be a network issue? (this is connected via the university JANET system).

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and assistance!

RSH.RE69A.2021-07-20T11 49 58.logs.tar (2.2 MB)

Hello RML, welcome to the community!

Thank you for the logs. Sometimes it can take a bit before reappearing after a reboot, and I am not seeing it this morning either on StationView, have you rebooted it again?

Anyways, could you please do the following to obtain a new clear set of logs?

Please shut down your Shake again first, then your modem/router. Wait for a couple of minutes, then restart your modem/router, and when it’s back online, please check again from your pc/laptop if the following ports are open (do not start the Shake now):

port 55555 [TCP]
port 55556 [TCP]
port 123 for TCP and UDP traffic in both directions

If they are still not open, please consult your modem/router manual on how to open them. After they have been opened, start your Shake and wait for a bit (around one hour tops) to see if it manages to connect to our servers. Wait for another 10 minutes, then please download the new logs and post them here, so that I can make a comparison between the two sets and maybe find the issue.

Hi, and thanks!

No, I didn’t reboot it again after sending that report and the logs: I have a feeling this is something to do with the university network. Unfortunately I’m away from the office at the moment (where it’s located) so it’ll be next week before I can do another round of troubleshooting. I’ll make some fresh logs and check the ports, and let you know…

Many thanks again for the assistance.

Hello RML,

There’s no problem at all, I am here for this!

Yes, we know that school/college/university/office networks can have more firewalls or protocols that could block the data transmission. From what I can see this could be one of such cases.

Another thing that you can try when you go back (so that we can optimize the work done) is to cross-check if the Shake can see and communicate with our server, please login into the Shake (instructions here: How to access your Raspberry Shake’s computer via ssh — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake) and execute the following command from the command line:

nc -zv []( 55555; nc -zv []( 55556

This will return ‘success’ or ‘connection refused’, which will at least be a direct indication if the unit can see the server and ports it needs to or not. If we have a refused status, then you may have to talk with your school IT manager and ask them to allow data communication to and from the Shake you have installed. It is probably a matter of adding some kind of exception in the firewalls/protocols.