Gcf files conversion to ascii

Hi there. I am trying to convert some binary .gcf format files to ascii. I am using the read command to read a .gcf file. However the problem is that the y-axis is not in a logical acceleration/velocity/displacement units. My proffesor told me that the values on the y-axis are counts and not physical units. So he gave me a conversion factor for each station (acceleration response and voltage per count) to convert the counts. Then i found out that, the data of one of the traces that i read (before i convert the counts) have the format:
[-15833. -15839. -15839. …, -15826. -15836. -15836.]
and another trace has data with format:
[ 0 3 -1 …, 0 2 -3]

Are both of them counts ? Do i need to convert both of these data arrays ? Also how can i see the units of trace data? Does read always return counts with .gcf files?
It is based on my master so i really need some help!!!


.gcf format files are not related to data produced by the Raspberry Shake.

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