FIng app not picking up RS&BOOM

Hi, I’ve been trying to configure my RS&BOOM for the last week. local website in step 3 of setting up RS&BOOM failed to work. I downloaded the app Fing as suggested and the app is not picking up RS&BOOM as a device so I have been stuck and im unsure where to go from here. Please get back to me soon as my project is time sensitive. thank you

Hello Kristyn, welcome to our community!

If you have access to it, can you please check if your Shake is visible in the administration/control panel of your modem/router, and try to reach the rs.local/ interface via the IP address that can be read there?

Another test to see if everything is working properly, could you please power cycle the Shake (by turning it off and then on again) and check if the LED on it behave as described here? Technical Specifications — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Thank you!

Unfortunately, im unable to access the administration/control panel. But I looked at the LED light behavior and only the red and blue light are showing. so I am missing the ethernet port light (Green or Orange light).

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Hello Kristyn,

Thank you for checking the LED behavior. What you have highlighted is the likely cause you cannot see the Shake on FING.

Are you using the cable we provided or another that you had available in your house? In any case, can you try the following after shutting down both the Shake and your modem/router?

  1. Turn on the modem/router only, and wait for it to regain internet connection

  2. Swap the current LAN (Ethernet) cable that you are using with another one if you have it. Or,

  3. Connect the LAN cable to a different port on the modem/router and turn on the Shake again.

Can you now see the green/orange lights on the LAN port, or if it now appears in the FING app?

Thank you for your availability.

Hi, I only have the cable that was provided by you guys so that’s the one I’ve been using. I restarted everything and unfortunately there was no orange/green light and still nothing for RS&BOOM has appeared on the app. Do you have any other suggestions?

Hello Kristyn,

Thank you for the additional feedback. If you have any, can you please test the cable with a PC/laptop in your home, to see if the LAN cable is properly working? If yes, the problem will be somewhere else; if not, the solution will be to acquire a new LAN cable.

If the tests comes out as positive, so the LAN cable is working, then at this point, I would recommend resetting the Shake OS to default after a microSD re-burn. I will leave the burning instructions here for your convenience:

Once done, the Shake should be able to start and connect to the internet, and all the LED lights should be on and working this time. If not, we will see the steps we can take afterwards.

Thank you again for your collaboration!