Field measurements-Power Bank

Is it possible to supply electricity to the RS3D, RS4D using Power Bank?
For field measurements.
Is it too risky? or may burn the devices?

Hello yarden,

Yes, it is possible to do so, after some adjustments to reduce the risks.

The most important requirement, as I’m sure you have already imagined, is to make sure that the power supply voltage will always be inside the required range. That is, between 5.0V and 5.2V with a current of at least 2.5A. If the cable to the batteries is too long, and/or if the voltage goes below 5.0V, then the Shake will continue to shut down and turn on again continuously.

To give a reference on the size, if the cable is around 3m in length, then a minimum section of 2.5mm is required. For longer cables, a larger section will be needed.

I’ll leave an image of the connectors for the power source both inside and outside the Shake external box (if you have the outdoor Shake model) that you can use as a reference:

Here you can also find a couple of projects involving solar panels and batteries (there is a useful Load and Battery Bank sizing calculator) that some of our users have realised: Solar Power Recommendations — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

And here are the technical sheets regarding the RS3D/RS4D:

Creating this system will require a bit of DIY, but I hope that the information here can help you in jump-starting your work.

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Hey Stormchaser,

thanks for the draft of the connectors. I would also like to power the Raspbery Boom Shake with a powerbank for outdoor use and build a cable which fits the outdoor IP 67 enclosure. Whats the type / name of the connector used?

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Hello Felix, and welcome to our community!

The connector assembly for our outdoor case is a circular one of the M12 series.

For example, in Mouser or Digikey with the designation: T4111002031-000 TE Connectivity
Many vendors sell this with different designations, but the above link should give you a good reference.

In general, these would be the search parameters if you want to indicate it to a hardware seller:

M12 Straight Field, Plastic plug 3 Pin, A code

You can also use the screenshot in the message above as a reference.

Hey Stromchaser, thanks for your reply and the specs for the connector!


Hello Felix,

You’re very welcome; no problem at all!