External Connections (Hardwire)

One of the major challenges for amateur radio and seismology installations is getting weatherproof connections to antennas or the RShake. MFJ Enterprises offer a solution in the form of their MFJ-4600 series window passthrough panels where they offer various means for connecting antennas and more to the outside by inserting the panel under the partially open window.

However, NO solution is offered for a “passthrough RJ45 female to female connection.” I thought that could be a good solution, with proper weatherproofing, to solve getting that hardwired connection to an exterior seismograph installation.

Does anyone have knowledge of a RJ45 passthrough connector available? I not thinking of a simple F to F connector as it must pass through a 3/4" board. I’ve seen electrical outlets with RJ45 outlets but they probably would not be deep enough.

This just my “pie in the sky” and seeking suggestions or sources. I suspect, within reason, a power source could also be configured similarly.

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I would purchase one of these and drill an appropriate hole with a holesaw through the wooden part of an MFJ feed-through.

Ethernet Bulkhead Connector|Cat 6|Waterproof |ASI: LPCD06


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EXECELENT idea. Many Thanks for the email.

Jerry AB5R

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