Ethernet OK, WiFi doesn't Work

RSH.R89A5.2019-06-21T16_04_57.logs.tar (450 KB)

I keep trying:

On the Raspberry Shake Configure screen the WiFi MAC is blank.

Under the Settings ->Network->WiFi Settings-- the Network SSID identifies my modem. But I can’t update the MAC address.

hi bob,

looking at myshake.out file, it seems your WiFi is enabled and up, but there is no IP addressed assigned to it, either IPv4 or IPv6. this is normally assigned by the router itself, so something’s not going right when the unit is connecting to the WiFi router, but not getting an IP addressed properly assigned.

if you can, using a different device (e.g., your phone), connect it to the same network and run the FING application and see if you can see the Shake on the network.



I’ve decided to use a double shielded ethernet cable for connection. That will also minimize potential noise contributions from my RF fields.