Embed Raspberry Shake data/graphs in website

Is it possible, somehow, to display the graphs and/or data from our Shake into an external website? Perhaps there’s a widget or other kind of code snippet available?

If there was a way to get the four different graphs (EHZ,ENZ,ENN,ENE) shown on the Stationview page that would be ideal. At the moment it just shows the EHZ graph.


Any bright ideas would be welcomed…


Hello cosineshake, welcome to the community!

As of now, the StationView only displays the EHZ channel, which is the one that every Shake (except for the RBOOM) has.

If you want to visualise all the channels in real time, in local, you can use our RSUDP software, here: rsudp 1.0.2 — rsudp documentation

However, both your suggestions sound really cool! I will open a ticket for our team, and we will see if and what they will be able to come up with in the future!

For now, I can recommend you to embed the address that you have indicated in your message in an iframe inside your webpage (I have done the same on my website), so that eveyrone going there will see the EHZ livestream from your station.