hey guys i have one question i decide to buy one of the products of raspberryshake and track quakes on my own but i live at 37floor its there any chance i can still follow quakes up here or i must put the device in the ground to get accurate answers thank you and i hope someone will help me and tell me what to do next,much love.

Hello Nick1996 and welcome to our community!

Our recommendation is to always put the Shake on the lowest possible level to increase its capacity to capture quakes to the max. So, if you have a garage, or a ground floor unit with an internet connection available, that would be the best place.

However, we also know that not everyone can have access to lower ground spaces, especially when, like you, living in a multi-story building. It is possible to monitor earthquakes even from that high up, but there will be more local “noise” due to the fact that the Shake will be positioned on the 37th floor.

Can I ask if your location presents many local earthquakes, or if instead, it is not active seismically? This will help in advising you on the best Shake model you can get from us!

Thank you for your interest in RaspberryShake!