Doesn't work anymore

My Raspberry Shake & Boom (from 2020) suddenly stopped working. It can’t be the cables and the power supply unit, I replaced them. I also manually downloaded the latest version of the software onto the existing SD card and a new one (from different compannies).
The red LED on the Raspberry Pi board is always on, but the green one is always off. The blue LED on the Raspberry shake board is always on.
Can anyone help? Thank you!

Can you access the Shake over the network? i.e. does typing “rs.local” into your browser work?

If it does, then from the actions page, try a reboot.


Thanks for your prompt reply!
Access over the network (rs.local) is not possible, that means a repoot is not feasible. That is also why I cannot add a log file to my question.

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Hello windijon, and welcome to our community!

I’m sorry to hear that your Shake has stopped working, but let’s see how we can troubleshoot this!

Could you please reboot it and check again the booting LED behavior against this Technical Specifications?

As you have already tried to change microSD, power supply, and returned the microSD card, I think that at this point, the issue may be located in the Pi board itself, and the check above should give us confirmation.

Thank you for your collaboration.

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Stupid question, but how can I reboot it if I can’t connect it via /rs.local?


No stupid question at all!

In this case, even if we usually don’t recommend it, you can reboot via power cycling the Shake, manually disconnecting the power supply, waiting for a bit, and then reconnecting it.

A kind of hard reboot in a sense.

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