Disparity with 'shutdown' on rs.local

This is a minor thing, but could have implications for those trying to safely shutdown their Rshake unit.

I have noticed that when I choose the ‘shutdown’ option on the ‘actions’ page of rs.local, there is often (but not always) a long delay between when the rs.local page has said the unit has shutdown and when the sensor does actually safely shutdown. What I mean by a safe shutdown is that the green led light on the Pi computer flashes 10 times and then turns off, leaving only the red led light on. The delay I mention has often been anywhere between 30 s to 5 mins.

Doesn’t this risk damaging the sd card if people are hasty to remove the power after the rs.local page says the unit is shutdown safely but in actual fact it isn’t?

I hope this makes sense. I understand if there isn’t an easy software or hardware solution to this, but I would recommend at least adding a warning message to the rs.local popup message to say that the power needs to be kept in for at least 5 mins to make sure the sd card is not damaged.


yes, we recently became aware of this delay ourselves and after investigating the cause determined that the delay you see happens due to improper ordering and dependencies of a systemd service.

a fix will be applied as part of the next update (near future) where the shutdown sequence will complete quickly, as you would expect.



Thanks Richard. Good to know you’re already planning a fix.


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