DHCP and slow router restart

R5A78 is off-line after a local power failure. I believe the reason it did not recover is that the router is slower to recover from a power failure and R5A78 gives up too soon when looking for DHCP service.

Router is a viasat modem.

This seems to be a reproducible failure.

I’ll switch R5A78 to fixed IP address when I can get it restarted but since I’m in California and the unit is in Hawaii, there will be a delay.

Terry D Kickstarter # 5


Hello TerryD, welcome back to the community!

Thank you for your update, and there’s no problem at all. Thanks also for your feedback, and we will wait to have your station back online from Hawaii!

I’m concerned that you missed the point of the post.

There is a reproducible problem. If R5A78 is powered on when the router is off/not ready, R5A78 does not recover and find a DHCP address when the router becomes available. It should keep trying to find a DHCP server.

That was the reason for thanking you for your DHCP feedback. I should have explained myself better, sorry for the misunderstanding.

This issue (which, as you have correctly found, is reproducible) is known to us. It is planned that, in future Shake OS releases, this will be corrected allowing for a longer DHCP address search and retrieval time.

This should allow the Shake to operate nominally in cases such as the one you are describing when routers take longer to recover from particular conditions/situations.