Delay between sensors in RS3d

Hi, I got some delay between readings, and wanted to now if could be a hardware issue or something else, there are 3 images that show the problem, the E axis is always earlier than the others, what could be the cause of this?

Another issue came up, in the Z axis I’m getting spikes every 2 minutes, follow a miniseed file:
AM.R6C56.00.EHZ.D.2019.285 (6.9 MB)

hi pablo,

no, this doesn’t make sense. can you please provide some data back so i can have a look?:

  1. reboot the unit
  2. after 10 minutes, stomp on the ground to create an obvious spike
  3. send me the data files for all 3 channels for the last 2 days (found in /opt/data/archive)
  4. send the log files as well

thanks in advance,


Hi Richard,

this is actually not possible right now, the RS3D is located in a really remote location (5 hours by car), but I can remote access to it through SSH, how can i get the log files through SSH?? or SCP.

thanks in advance,


Yours, B

Hey Branden,

Not working, when I run myshake, I get stuck on a text:

and to run “tar cf /tmp/rsh.logs.tar /opt/log” i get “Permission denied”


@Pablo Does this happen even using sudo?