Dataview missing bits

Station code : R54E6
.I am not sure if this is my end, which I am thinking it might be, or your end. I am having problems with the data view on Shakenet, it seems to miss quite a bit of data. Although it looks like the 24hr plot looks fine. I have tried several times to reboot the shake or cycle the power, but it has only just started to happen this morning (ACDT time) I refresh page and the view changes and looks like its updating, but it isn’t. Any ideas what might cause this?

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I think this was my internet playing up, It seems to be running fine at its new location.

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Hello Andrew,

Sometimes, this may happen if our servers (that we are constantly improving) are experiencing an issue that results in a delayed real-time stream. Usually, those disappear thanks to our automated protocols in a bit of time.

I have notified our server team to check this Monday morning (GMT time) in any case, so that we can be sure that everything is working as it should.

Thank you for the notification!