DataView data dropouts

Just an observation from R5A78 SHZ. When I looked at DataView 24 hour plot for 10/10 UTC I see quite a few periods of missing data. When I look at data from a nearby site (R6559D EHZ) I see significantly fewer instances of missing data.

I mention this only because I also collect my data in real time with direct UDP data and I see no similarly missing data (the station is in Kapa’au, HI and my data collection system receiving the UDP data is in San Jose, CA). I’d expect my connection to be at least as lossy as yours, but that seems not to be the case and I thought you might consider it an issue worth examination. I can send you my raw data and /or the plots I generate with the data.

Terry (Backer #5)

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Thank you for the notification Terry.

If the owner is reading, feel free to contact Terry via this topic or in private too. If you want, Terry, I can take a look at the logs of the station that you are examining and see if something that shouldn’t be there pops out.

This reply confuses me. I am the owner/user of R5A78 SHZ and it was my intention to report
that DataView shows significant gaps in data from my station, gaps that do not exist in the
UDP data (DATACAST) that I collect remotely.

I mentioned nearby R6559D EHZ, not because that site has a problem, but rather because it
does not show corresponding data gaps. Both sites are in remote locations on the island of
Hawaii and almost certainly use different internet service providers (R5A78 uses ViaSat).

My data collection system is in San Jose, CA so, if the cause of the missing data was internet
connectivity, my data logs would show similar gaps, but they do not.

If you have questions or want more detail, please just ask.


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Hello Terry,

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but the last sentence of your message made me think that you were talking about another user’s Shake, and wanted to communicate to try and solve the discrepancies that you had noticed, offering your experience.

It is indeed possible that the different internet connectivity service of the two stations on the island is responsible for the data gaps’ presence/absence. If you can send me the logs from your Shake, I can try to see if there is something in them that could confirm/add some more details to this theory.

Thank you.