Data Gaps in DataView

I finally got machine up and running but when I look at Data there are intermittent gaps in data lasting 1 - 5 minutes then it picks up and starts plotting data again.

You mean like these?

If you check on a few other stations in the DataViews screen, you will see the same gaps, at the same times (UTC). My guess is some operational work happening on the servers, or breaks due to their ISP. I have a business account, which is supposed to limit that sort of thing, but my ISP still seems to think it fin to drop connectivity for several to many minutes in the middle of the night.

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And this is why you should keep a copy of the daily data files, so that you can retrieve the missing data if you ever have to.
I upload the latest file to Dropbox every day.

Hello yellowfin1,

as Philip has shown, there are different possible cases: sometimes it can happen that ISP cause these brief interruptions, or transmission is lost for some minutes before being restored for other reasons, or our servers have had a momentary glitch that required fast manual intervention.

In any case, the local files stored on the Shake will be free of these interruptions and can be used for data reanalysis in the same way our server-side store data can.