Connecting RS vi ethernet and Eduroam on campus


I was able to set my raspberry shake up at home with an ethernet connection with no issue, but, trying to use it on campus I’m having a hard time.

I have the RS plugged into ethernet connection, and my laptop is connected to wifi via Eduroam - I am not able to access rs.local, perhaps because the ethernet and wifi aren’t the same system? I have tried attempting to find the IP address manually - I don’t think Fing will work on campus wifi, and when I plug the rs into a monitor via HDMI and reboot (unplug and replug from power) nothing registers on the monitor. The blue light is on.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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Hello Sophie, and welcome to the community.

Starting from the last item in your list, the HDMI output of all our Shakes is disabled by default to dedicate more resources to data acquisition and processing. If, however, you want to turn it on, you can do it by following the procedure here: How to turn on HDMI

Regarding your Eduroam connection (brings back memories of my days in Uni), that is very likely the case as to why you cannot see it either via rs.local/ or via direct IP connection. For these methods to be able to work you have to be connected to the same network the Shake is in.

As schools and offices’ networks have increased protection and firewall protocols, my recommendation would be to go to the IT department of your campus and ask them for assistance. They’ll know the local network inside and out, and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

For anything else, I remain available.