Connect to earthworm through my ISP

I have a Raspberry Shake at home which I would like to connect to the earthworm installation at work. My ISP does not give me a fixed IP address and does not forward any ports. So I can’t use the slink2ew module.

Can I import the UDP datacast stream into earthworm?

If not, I guess I need to run earthworm locally, on the shake or another machine, and use export_actv to send data to the work earhworm.

Any ideas?

hi stewart,

you can always use the UDP datacast function to send the data anywhere. however, you will need to write a python program which will read the UPD incoming data, convert it to earthworm format, and use the earthworm API to import it into the earthworm system.

details about this i am completely unaware of, i’m afraid.


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I extend the request to our community.

If anyone knows how to (or has already access to a software that) convert(s) UDP data to earthworm format, please let Stewart know, so that he can continue with the installation connection.

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Hello Stewart:

Great to hear from you.

Once you figure out how to do this (I know from watching the Earthworm mailing list, and from the fact that the RS OS is Debian that it is definitely possible), please help us add your solution here:


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I don’t want to do any programming as I am not proficient and it takes a LOT of my time.

I will install Earthworm on a Linux computer on my home network and use it to import from the Shake and push data to my work Earthworm.

I did think about installing Earthworm on the Shake and found some instructions on how to install it on a Raspberry PI. I tried it on a Pi and totally failed. So that solution is closed to me.

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