Clearer Instructions for "Relocating your Raspberry Shake" needed

Due to background noise experienced when connecting my RS3D directly to my cable modem, I decided to move the RS3D to a remote corner of my basement. However, I could not find a tutorial / FAQ on what steps to take to safeguard the microSD card. All I could was an observation, “If you plan to move your Raspberry Shake from one location to another, or shut her down for any reason, always do so from the web front-end. Never just pull the plug on her. Doing so will damage the microSD card and may even render it dead.” Trying to use the Actions > Shutdown in Raspberry Shake Config did not turn off my RS3D, and after several failed attempts, I resorted to unplugging the power. The tutorial, “Turning your RS on for the first time” was great, and new users like me would truly benefit from a “Relocating your RS” step-by-step training video.

Hello MRT1953,

First, thank you for reporting the issue of the Shutdown Button not working properly in our ShakeOS release. I tried to replicate your problem, but it seems that mine is working well, so I cannot really be sure of what is causing it.

Nonetheless, I have sent your comment to our software team, so that they can do some crosschecks and try to locate where the problem is.

Furthermore, thank you for this new feedback! We are indeed planning to improve our guides and procedures for the users, and what you have written us is what we need so that we can provide better information to everyone.

Thank you.