Can't create an account

HI there,

while trying to create an account (new shake user here!), i receive an email with a link to click to confirm. when i click the link, i get a webpage that just says:


Sorry, there was an error

The account doesn’t work, so i can’t log in. Any ideas?


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Hello Mathew, and welcome to our community then!

This is quite the unusual error, it’s the first time I am seeing it to be honest.

I have checked our records, and if you are registering with the same email address that you have now with this forum account, I can see that the email has been confirmed.

Have you tried to log in with the email and password that you have set? Or, have you tried to click on the “forgotten password?” link to get a new one, and then log in again?

I have been having this issue too, despite trying over and over again over the last week. When testing the issue, please try to use a non-gmail domain. That’s what I use. I was only able to create an account on this message forum by choosing the “Google” option. That’s not what I want to do for the long term, however.

Hello ke6jjj_test, and welcome to our community.

I will pass your feedback to our administrators; they will be able to check this issue out.

Could I please ask you to send me (in a private message, if you feel the need) the email domain you are trying to register from? Maybe this will give us more clues on what is happening in the process itself.

Thank you.

Sure! I will DM. Thanks!


I’m having the same issue. The link to confirm my email gives the same error. I am also using my gmail so as to post to this forum, but do not want to use it permanently. This prevents me from registering an account.

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Hello @mpsevand, and @ke6jjj_test,

Our team has applied a fix to the registration process, so this error should not appear anymore for you.

Can you please confirm this (I already got confirmation that everything was working fine for test) or, in the opposite case, describe if the same (or a different) error appears again?

Thank you.

Thank you, all. I was able to finally register!


Fantastic news!

You’re welcome, and thanks for reporting back.